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Our Story

The personal experience and journey of a mother in facing the many challenges of taking care of her own son diagnosed with Autism became the inspiration behind A Child Can. Through her own efforts, she collaborated with different specialists both here and abroad in trying to find the best possible intervention for her child.  Seeing the wonderful results, she unselfishly shares with other families the program that helped her son reach his greatest potentials.

Our Vision

Quality care for the children.

Our Mission

A Child Can offers individualized early intensive applied behavior analysis to young children with special needs. We design individualized behaviour programs through the collaboration and empowerment of parent, professionals and educators.

Our Goals

 1. Develop, strengthen and discover the child’s skills and potential at an early age;

 2. Provide appropriate assistance and support to the family by teaching them about their child’s condition and program;

 3. Collaborate with families, professionals and educators in implementing the goals set for the children

 4. Create a brighter future for all children and their families


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