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Our Program

A Child Can (ACC) provides intensive early intervention services to children diagnosed with developmental delays such as Autism Spectrum Disoder (ASD), Pervasive Developmental Delay (PDD), ADHD, ADD, Asperger Syndrome, Language & communication delay etc.  The program is based on the theories and methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), adding other current early childhood and special educational practices following Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Play/Activity based intervention.


The program revolves around an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), a personalized program designed to specifically address all concerns and needs of a child.  Monthly thematic lesson plan is incorporated to introduce a child to a particular concept that will enhance target skills.


We incorporate in our program the following :


a. ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis


It is the application of behavior principles to everyday situations with the objective of either increasing or decreasing target behaviors.  (http://www.appliedbehavioralstrategies.com/basics-of-aba.html)

Using the principles of ABA a child learns that only positive behaviors are reinforced.


ABA is commonly used to help a child acquire many different skills such as language, social, self help and play skills.


Behavior planning    |    Data collection    |     Generalization


b. One-on-one sessions

A teacher works directly with a child following the goals set in the IEP .

One-on-one session is the starting point for every child as this will help a child be familiar with his/her daily routine in the center and allows both child and therapist to establish a relationship.


c. School Readiness

Children are introduced to small group activities building on the child’s ability to relate socially with others.


d. Social Thinking Program

This helps a child be able to determine and understand proper social skills needed in responding to various social scenarios or settings.


e. Sensory integration / gross motor


f. Speech and Language (oral motor, receptive, expressive, cognitive and social skills)


g. Self help skills / Functional skills


h. Play


i. Home / School visits


j. Parent training and support


k. Recreational activities


A Child Can is recognized as an accredited ABA provider in the Philippines and an active member of Philippine Association for Behavior Analysis (PABA).


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